Friday, June 6, 2008


Well, we've kind of stalled out on the idea of buying land at the moment. Real life has taken over. And we were hoping I'd be selling a big project at this month, and that didn't materialize. So, the goal is to focus on this house. 

Did you know that the amount of petroleum it takes to make 14 plastic bags is enough to fuel one car for one mile. And we use like 380 billion plastic bags a year. That's crazy. I'm trying to remember to bring my reusable ones when I go shopping other places than just groceries. I got a cool one from Chronicle Books at BEA last weekend that folds up really small, so I'll keep that one in my purse from now on.

And I just ordered some low-flow shower heads from Let's Go Green. They've also got biodegradable plastic bags. This is good, because it's useless to have all the biodegradable diapers if I just put them in plastic trash bags. And the prices are pretty reasonable there, I thought. They even have one of those "rain" style shower heads. And if you enter FRIEND in the promo code box at checkout you get a 25 percent discount.

By the way, we are loving our CSA membership. Our son loves going to pick up our food each week from "the farmers," and he eats fresh strawberries the whole way home. The food has been great so far. 

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