Monday, June 30, 2008

True to My Word

I said I'd keep a log of my purchases, so here goes:

I did surprisingly well early in the week. The only thing I bought was lunch out. 

On Thursday I ordered a birthday present for one of the boy's friends. A German-made toy off of the website. (Some sort of build your own toy car project.)

On Saturday I splurged. (Does it count as splurging when you couldn't go a week without?) Husband took the boy to the car show with Grandpa, and I went to the mall with Grandma. She bought matching dresses for the girls for upcoming birthday party. I got emergency outfit for baby after spit up accident (should have had extra clothes in bag) and 4 shirts for the boy for next spring--they were on sale. I also got two shirts for myself that were on sale that I had been watching for a while. One from Boden and one from 9 West. The kids clothes were from the Gap. 

I bought a copy of How Fiction Works by James Wood off Amazon for work. 

And today I ordered some hair bows from Etsy for the baby. 

Suddenly it sounds like a whole lot. This may be good for me.

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