Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nature Babycare

So, we've been using the Nature Babycare diapers for about two weeks now. These diapers were made by a "Swedish mum" who read an article in the newspaper that  said every year of a baby's life results in a mountain of used diapers weighing half a ton. That's a lot of dirty diapers. These diapers are chlorine free, breathable, and corn based. And instead of spending millions on TV advertising, they put that money into the product itself and rely on their "ambassadors" to spread the news about their product.  
So, in that spirit, here's my review: They've been every bit as good as "regular" brands--no major blowouts or leaks. My only complaint is that the sticky tabs that fasten at the waist don't stick to the main part of the diaper, so when I try to wrap dirties into a little ball they won't stay closed. But that's no huge deal. The price is right--$9ish for 34 diapers at Target. Also note that they run a bit small--my baby is usually a size three, but their size three is a little small for her. (But maybe she's just having a growth spurt, hard to say.) Overall, I've been happy. 

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