Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What We're Doing Now

While we're looking at house plans and hoping for a great deal on good land, we're trying to make some good choices at our current home.

G-diapers. I've heard a lot about g diapers, and I recently decided to try them. The biggest problem is the expense and the learning curve. I had no problem getting them figured out, and really had no leakage issues. But when I took the baby to the church nursery, they didn't change her for a few hours (couldn't figure it out? didn't have time? no idea why).  So she was wet all the way through her clothes. Also, Grandma said, "Be sure you don't send her over here in those fake diapers." I think people who aren't interested in eco-issues aren't willing to learn a new style of diapering.
But the real problem is the cost. They're about $.50 per diaper, whereas Huggies are more like $.35. So, I bought some Seventh Generation ones to have on hand and am enjoying them. In fact, I think they're better than Huggies on performance. And I have a package of Target's new Nature Babycare brand, recommended by Sophie Uliano, so we'll see how those are too.

Speaking of Sophie Uliano, I'm reading her book Gorgeously Green and loving it. It's full of great practical advice for real people--not bread-loaf shoe wearing people, as she describes her hippy neighbors who "recycle everything." My favorite thing I've read so far is this site called Skin Deep. You can enter any beauty product you have and it gives you a rating in terms of toxicity. Beware: it's addictive.

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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to pick up that book for a while now, sounds like it's worth it.

Try checking out the HGTV Green Home for ideas, it's not as green as you would imagine but does have some great features.